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Having launched our venture with the dawn of COVID-19 outbreak in Sri Lanka, we specialize in supplying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and COVID safety equipment to a wide range of end-consumers - from health care workers to corporates to individuals in any setting.

We believe in prioritising safety for all - by protecting ourselves as well as others, whilst helping serve our front-liners and our communities. Our mission is to be the country's trusted choice for safety gear online, as we strive to meet the urgent demands of consumers by providing high-quality safety products & medical supplies, coupled with top-notch service.

In addition to manufacturing and supplying PPE for both non-healthcare workers and healthcare workers, we are also safety equipment wholesale suppliers to a number of corporations across various industries.

Our range of personal protective equipment extends to the following:

- Protective Face Gears: Surgical Face Mask, KN95 Mask, KN95 Respirator/ Filter Mask, Reusable Face Masks, Face Shield, Helmet Face Visor
- Protective Eye Gear: Safety Goggles, Medical Goggles, Safety Glasses
- Protective Hand Gear: Hand Gloves (Powdered, Powder-Free, Nitrile)
- Protective Body Gear: PPE Kits/ Coveralls, Disposable Medical Gowns
- Protective Foot Gear: Shoe Cover, Safety Boots
- Protective Equipment: Hand Sanitizers, Sanitizer Carpets, Disinfection Booth

We aspire to continue offering state-of-the-art safety solutions to any protective equipment requirement.

For further details, reach out to us on [email protected] or (011) 416-8091.

Protecto is a brand that is dedicated to protecting what matters most – your health and safety. We offer a wide range of PPE, safety gear, and health & wellness products for the workplace & beyond. Whether you’re working in an industrial setting, responding to emergencies, or simply looking for ways to stay healthy and comfortable, we have you covered.

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